Simple Seventeen brings a unique fashion quotient to the fore that helps you be YOU!

Simple Seventeen is a women’s specialty multi-brand retailer representing accessible luxury that aims to inspire your closet without having to spend a fortune. We dreamt of starting this business 10 years ago and now it is in front of you — styling you better, today and forever!

 Simple Seventeen is into rendering sassy and classy clothing and accessories with earthy vibes on a continuous basis, offering eclectic pieces. Whether you are shopping for a new blouse for the office, a sweater to fight off the cold, or a new dress that flatters your personal style, you can be sure to find it at Simple Seventeen. 

We understand the emotions and sentiments of our customers and offer them simple yet swanky clothing at affordable pricing. We follow trends when it comes to designing our outfits but at the same time "Simplicity" is the personality that our brand showcases as we believe that “Beauty Lies In Simplicity.”

We use the power of fashion and fun to help women express their individuality and stand out while helping a cause. We hope our journey to a Simple Seventeen-styled minimalistic look for all women will be as admirable for you as it has been for us since day one.